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Hong Kong Heritage

Record and Promote Historic Buildings and Heritage
in Hong Kong.


Introducing "Hong Kong Heritage"(尋蹤覓蹟), a social media page launched on January 1, 2018, with a mission to delve into the rich tapestry of Hong Kong's historical heritage. This project is dedicated to meticulously documenting and researching Hong Kong's ancient relics and historic sites. With each discovery, we unearth captivating narratives that illuminate the hidden stories behind these cherished landmarks, weaving together the intricate fabric of Hong Kong's past.

My Role

  • Project Owner

  • Social Media Plan

  • Content Creation

  • Copywriting


The project is owned by a friend and me with a background in Culture and Heritage Management







Premiere Pro



Journey of Exploration


Develop a clear

brand identity, 

including logo,

colour scheme


Develop a comprehensive strategy, like content themes, posting schedule & 




Graphic design, photography, videography, and copywriting.


Track the

performance of social media page with different metrics.


Explore potential 

ways to generate income and for exposure.

Have you ever explored the beauty of Hong Kong through its rich tapestry of historical buildings and captivating stories?

The term "尋蹤覓跡" typically refers to tracing the footsteps of others, but our project seeks to uncover the hidden historical narratives behind Hong Kong's development to the present day. 

The establishment of "尋蹤覓蹟" is not only aimed at meticulously documenting Hong Kong's history but also, more importantly, at promoting the beauty of Hong Kong's past through our multimedia content. Historical architecture is not necessarily esoteric, and history itself need not be dull.

1. Define Goals and Objectives

We determined the purposes of the social media page as:

Primary Goals

  • Document and Preserve Hong Kong's Heritage.

  • Educate the public about the importance of Hong Kong's cultural heritage and raise awareness about the historical significance of various sites and artifacts through engaging and informative content.

  • Foster a sense of community engagement and participation among followers.

Secondary Goals

  • Ensure that the documentation and resources are easily accessible to the public through digital platforms.

  • Advocate for the conservation and preservation of Hong Kong's historical sites and artifacts by raising awareness.

Target Audience

Primary Audience

  1. ​Local Residents
    Hong Kong residents who are interested in learning more about their city's history, culture, and heritage, and who may wish to explore and appreciate the historical sites and landmarks in their own neighbourhoods.

  2. History Enthusiasts
    Individuals with a passion for history, archaeology, and cultural heritage, who are eager to delve into the stories and significance of Hong Kong's ancient relics and landmarks.

  3. Tourists and Visitors
    Travellers and tourists visiting Hong Kong who are interested in exploring its cultural attractions beyond the usual tourist spots.

Secondary Audience

  1. Cultural Organizations and Institutions
    Museums, libraries, historical societies, and other cultural organizations and institutions interested in collaborating on research, exhibitions, or educational programs related to Hong Kong's cultural heritage.

  2. Media and Influencers
    Journalists, bloggers, social media influencers, and other media professionals interested in covering stories about Hong Kong's historical sites and cultural heritage

  3. Community Groups and Advocates
    Community groups, heritage advocates, and grassroots organizations dedicated to preserving and promoting Hong Kong's cultural heritage, who may find value in the resources and information provided by the project.

2. Brand Identity Development

We then developed a clear brand identity including logo, colour scheme, and tone of voice that aligns with the brand values and resonates with our target audience.

Logo Design & Colour Scheme

3. Social Media Plan

We have developed a comprehensive social media strategy outlining the platforms you'll use, content themes, posting schedule, and engagement tactics.

Hidden Gems
Historical Landmarks
Archaeological Discoveries
Ghost Stories & myths
Posting Schedule
3 posts / week
Video for each story / theme
Interactive engagement / month
Facebook & Instagram
Engagement Tactics
User-Generated Content
Interactive Maps
Ask Questions

4. Content Creation


Through the process of launching and managing the project, I have acquired valuable skills in website development, particularly in utilizing WordPress as a platform to showcase our content, and efficiently organise and present our articles, photos, and other media in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner. Additionally, I have delved into the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to enhance the visibility and discoverability of our articles, such as keyword research, and meta tags optimisation.

Interactive Engagement

5. Analytics

We would prepare regular marketing reports to analyse the effectiveness of the social media strategies and posts, including key metrics such as engagement metrics, reach, and Impressions. Based on the analysis of the marketing report, we would discuss about actionable recommendations for optimising the social media strategy.


6. Opportunities

Since launching the project, and witnessing its growing popularity, we have been fortunate to receive invitations to various events and exhibitions related to our themes, further expanding our reach and impact. Additionally, we've had opportunities to collaborate on advertorials, amplifying our presence within the community.


We also explored avenues for income generation, we have implemented strategies such as placing Google ads on our website and selling collectibles inspired by our content.


One remarkable milestone was being approached by publishers to write a book, a testament to the significance and resonance of our exploration of Hong Kong's historical heritage. These opportunities affirm our commitment to preserving and sharing the stories embedded within our city's rich cultural tapestry.


7. Learning

Launching the project has been an incredible journey filled with invaluable lessons and enriching experiences. Through this endeavour, I have had the privilege of connecting with a diverse array of individuals passionate about Hong Kong's history and heritage, fostering meaningful relationships and collaborations along the way. Delving into the exploration of historical buildings in Hong Kong has not only deepened my understanding of the city's cultural legacy, but has also broadened my perspective on its evolution over time.


The process of researching, documenting, and promoting these historical treasures has been both enlightening and fulfilling, allowing me to contribute to their preservation and share their stories with a wider audience. As I continue on this journey, I am grateful for the knowledge gained, the connections forged, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in celebrating and safeguarding Hong Kong's rich historical heritage.

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