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Hello Fluffy Tail

Official Website Design of Pet Grooming Shop


In this 4 months, my primary focus has been on crafting the official website design for a newly launched pet grooming shop in Hong Kong.


In this role, I have been integral in gathering business requirements and feedback, and gaining valuable insights into customer behaviours and preferences. My responsibilities extend to the development of wireframes and interactive prototypes, visualising website layouts and functionalities with a keen emphasis on responsive design. Also, I have played a key role in maintaining design consistency and ensuring strict adherence to brand guidelines, contributing significantly to the establishment of a compelling and cohesive online presence through the official website.

My Role

  • Business Requirement & Feedback

  • UX Research

  • Graphic Design

  • Design Library

  • Mock Up & Prototype






Design Process


Gather business requirements and feedback for the design process


Research on 

user needs, current landscape​ & user behaviours


What's the problem?​


Generate ideas

that solve the problems


Design solutions 

(Journey, features & structure etc) & conduct testing


1. Gather Business Requirements

To begin with, I played a crucial role in gathering the owner's requirements and feedback on the design of the official website, actively engaging with them to shape the design process. This collaborative effort aimed to create a design tailored to the owner's vision, incorporating valuable insights to enhance the overall experience and exceed expectations. 


List of business requirement:

  1. Desktop and mobile responsive.

  2. Develop a detailed list of services and corresponding prices

  3. Implement a bilingual approach with content available in both Traditional Chinese and English.

  4. Integrate vibrant and colourful design elements for visual appeal.

  5. Feature the shop owner's dog as the charming little manager, adding a personalised touch.

  6. Opt for a WhatsApp link instead of an online reservation system for easy communication and booking.

  7. No online shop components.

  8. Integrate social media platforms to foster community engagement and interaction.

On the other hand, by actively involving the owner in the decision-making process, my goal was to enhance the overall experience and create a design that not only meets but exceeds the owner's expectations.

2. Understanding the problem

To comprehend the preferences, expectations, and behaviours of the target audience, and to gain invaluable insights that directly inform design decisions, I conducted research on user needs and behaviours. This involved conducting interviews with pet owners who use pet grooming, boarding, and daycare services, the primary customers, allowing for a thorough understanding of their requirements and behaviours. The aim was to utilise this knowledge in crafting an effective and user-centric website design tailored to meet the unique needs of the audience.


I then developed detailed persona based on the information collected during user interviews. The persona represents a user group with its own needs, goals, and pain points. It Includes demographic information, behaviours, and any other relevant details that help humanise the persona.

Hello Fluffy Tail_Persona.jpg

3. Defining the Problem

Problem Definition

"The central challenge lies in addressing the unique needs of pet owners with busy schedules and vibrant pets in the bustling urban landscape of Kowloon. The convergence of a demanding work routine, limited access to pet-friendly spaces, and concerns about pets' safety during owners' absence sets the stage for a distinctive set of requirements. A reliable and consistent pet grooming service that aligns with the dynamic lifestyles of individuals becomes paramount. The identified problem underscores the website's opportunity to offer tailored services and products that seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of pet owners, providing a holistic and enriching experience for both pets and their owners in the heart of Kowloon."

4. How to solve the identified problem?

I generated a wide range of creative ideas and potential solutions to address the identified problem or need after the thorough research and understanding of user needs, goals, and pain points.

  1. User-Friendly Interface
    Create a clean and intuitive interface that allows pet owners to easily navigate the website.

  2. Pet Grooming Packages
    Showcase a variety of grooming packages that cater to different needs, including express services for busy pet owners and comprehensive packages for a holistic grooming experience.

  3. Mobile Optimisation

    Ensure the website is optimised for mobile devices, considering the on-the-go nature of pet owners' lives.

  4. Social Media Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate social media platforms to encourage user-generated content sharing, and testimonials, creating a valuable source of user-generated content that adds authenticity to the brand.

  • Share educational content, grooming tips, and safety advice through social media channels, positioning the brand as a reliable source of pet care information.

5. Design, Prototyping, and Testing

I created a site map and mocked up some basic wireframes to establish a standardised hierarchy and layout for the website design.

Site Map
UX Theme
HelloFluffyTail_UX Theme.jpg
Design Library
HelloFluffyTail_Design Library.png
Graphic Design
HelloFluffyTail_Graphic Design.jpg

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